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For all your bookkeeping requirements

We specialise in small and medium sized limited companies although are qualified to handle sole traders and partnerships too.

We are based near Glastonbury, Somerset however we offer a flexible service by working with you onsite or remotely via email or post, depending on your preference.

We are an experienced bookkeeping company that can cater for all your bookkeeping needs.

Backed by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and holding qualifications in all bookkeeping aspects, you can be assured that our services will be provided to you with the best skill, quality and thoroughness. (Please see the About Us page for our credentials).

Our services are flexible, so should you require just some or all your bookkeeping performed by us, we can cater for you.

We provide a comprehensive list of services at competitive rates. Here are a few of our services:










Please see our Services page for our full list.

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Welcome to  Southampton Bookkeeping Ltd

Bookkeeping for your Business

Southampton Bookkeeping Limited is backed by The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, meaning that you are 100% assured of the quality of our work.

Goverment legislation in 2007 made bookkeeping a "Regulated profession" requiring all businesses to use bookkeepers who are regulated either by HMRC directly or their supervisory body: The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). The ICB hold the UK national accreditation for bookkeeping and are recognised globally for promoting and qualifying bookkeepers as well as providing them with support.


"Southampton Bookkeeping are accurate, fast, responsive and deal with all the hassle well... Exceptional value!"


Not only does the ICB support Southampton Bookkeeping Limited, but Southampton Bookkeeping are proud to deliver support and assistance to other ICB members on behalf of the ICB. By working with Southampton Bookkeeping your business is in touch with a network of top calibre bookkeeping professionals from the Institute itself.

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